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All right, I admit it – I couldn’t stay away from the dark web forever.Since I’d started the blog based on that topic, I almost felt lost without including it somehow.Indeed, while a synopsis of the film's plot might initially conjure up images of a smaller, Merchant-Ivory style romance epic, there's nothing small about this film, and I wouldn't call it particularly romantic, either.In fact, perhaps the most striking thing about the film is the gravity of its subject matter doesn't seem to have quelled Verhoeven's penchant for taboo-breaking excess in the least.But is being shamed by being publicly stripped and/or having your hair shaved off worse than being summarily executed? Additionally and more controversially the film argues that there are levels of evil, even among such people as Nazis, slave owners and colonialists. Rachel Stein () is a Dutch-Jewish singer who is hiding out from the Nazis. She has to tolerate their occasional snide comments about Jews and routine conversion attempts but it's a price she's willing to pay for safety. It's 1944 and parts of the Netherlands have been freed.And her benefactors, bigoted or not, have been risking their lives by protecting her.Some of the very same people depicted here leading the Dutch underground against the Germans wound up in Indonesia doing the same thing or worse to Indonesians that the Germans did to the Dutch. Even the worst of us usually still need human contact. Death has a tendency to reveal just who is real and just who is faking the funk by calling themselves the Resistance. They may be willing to negotiate or recognize their victim's humanity.There's no shame in recognizing that in facing real oppression, most people will go along to get along. Where is the line between doing what you had to do to survive and becoming an active collaborator? Here, as also depicted in the film Malena, many women who willingly slept with German soldiers had to pay an awful price once their own countrymen were back in charge. Black Book delves into that last thought with some uncomfortable relish.

Rachel must flee the area though after an American bomber accidentally destroys the home and responding Nazi firefighters and police become aware that there were more people living in the farmhouse than officially reported. Rachel has concealed herself and can only watch silently in horror as the SS men efficiently kill survivors and despoil her parents' and brother's bodies.). Akkermans is very interested in getting to know Rachel in the Biblical way. Some bad luck during a smuggling operation on a train causes Rachel (). Rachel spends more time with Muntze, not just doing the obvious, but also working for him as a secretary.

My favorite pair of shoes I've worn for a role would have to be the brown Vera Wang combat boots that Jo wears in her everyday life away from the hospital on .

I love them because they are also something I would wear in my everyday life.

I’m not entirely sure of the reason it was shut down, but I recall that there were some “questionable” posts on the news feed (for lack of a better word) from time to time, and that may have had something to do with it.

Strangely enough, the site now directs visitors to a site called Torbay, which a lot like an Ebay-style marketplace (and it is partially that, but it’s also a plain old forum).

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