Dating someone genderqueer

I understand that scene, even though I fit like a round peg in a square hole there now.I've spent some time thinking, fretting, and overanalyzing about this...

I identified as a lesbian for 10 years so, in some ways I have been socialized as a lesbian.

I'm in a new relationship with a genderqueer partner, and am looking for advice based on any personal experience you all might have from dating (or even just being close friends with) a cisgendered person.

I originally posted this in the relationships section, but have not had any responses yet, and thought this might be a better place. ___ I just started seeing someone new this past November, and it seems that we're both very serious about each other (he has invited me to meet his family over spring break, and I intend to fly down and do it).

He has also told me that he would prefer to have been born in a female body, but he hasn't made up his mind yet whether he would ever want to transition.

I've told him that whatever he decides, I want to be there to support him.

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