Dating your vibroplex

As does The Red Snapper at Hix, another damn good choice if you’re wanting a pick me up.

The collection consists of approximately 400 pieces.

At the same time, some 200,000 Technician licensees without Morse code exam credit acquired HF privileges equivalent to those available to Novice licensees.”To the uninitiated it may seem awkward to communicate by spelling out your words with dits and dahs, but to the practiced code operator it isn't even necessary to write down the messages.

They can decode the individual letters as well as entire words in their heads as they hear them.

Much more fun than a multivitamin/Berocca fix – Bar Chick washes her milk thistle down with a Blood Mary.

Always open to experimentation with this British classic, just don’t try and fob us off with a bottle of Big Tom.

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