Facebook test user error validating application

The Graph API allows your application to subscribe to real-time updates for certain objects in the graph; check the official Facebook documentation for more details on what objects you can subscribe to and what limitations may apply.Koala makes it easy to interact with your applications using the Realtime Updates class: For more information about meet_challenge and the Realtime Updates class, check out the Real-Time Updates page on the wiki.Enter your App ID and App Secret keys generated earlier, save the form and (after page reload) click “Connect with Facebook” link. After successful authentication you should be redirected back to your site, where from the list you will be able to select to which account you wish to post updates (the list will allow you to select either your personal account or one of Pages to which you are assigned as an Administrator). Finally you will be presented with some automatic shares default parameters that will allow you to customize your FB shares, set them as you see fit and again save the form (you will be able to edit this at any time).At the bottom of the configuration form “Send Test Share” button, once you finished your configuration it is recommended to use it in order to verify if your application is working as expected.We also support the test users API, allowing you to conjure up fake users and command them to do your bidding using the Graph API: Koala uses Faraday to make HTTP requests, which means you have complete control over how your app makes HTTP requests to Facebook.

Solution: Due to Facebook’s privacy policy you’re not able to use the plugin to display all of your posts from a personal profile, only from a public page or group, as posts from a personal profile are protected for privacy reasons.Please temporary deactivate “Google Analytics” and/or all other plugins (“Blog Promoter”, “Tweet Old Post”, “Simple Facebook Connect”, “Evergreen Post Tweeter”, “Simple Twitter Connect” etc..) related to “Social Networking”, do all authorizations and then activate them back.Koala is a Facebook library for Ruby, supporting the Graph API (including the batch requests and photo uploads), the Marketing API, the Atlas API, realtime updates, test users, and OAuth validation. (PRs welcome as long as they support both threaded and non-threaded configuration.) The Graph API is the interface to Facebook's data. First, you'll need an access token, which you can get through Facebook's Graph API Explorer (click on 'Get Access Token'). In Bundler: Note: this is not currently threadsafe.

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