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While reaping the benefits of being in a back brace from scoliosis in "The Dating Game", Stewie passes on seats directly behind home plate at Fenway Park.Peter wins a fantasy baseball camp weekend at Fenway in "Peter's Lost Youth".However, what was expected to be a joyful moment met with hooting and applause, quickly turned into confusion as the camera cut away and showed no loving embrace.Although no video or pictures have surfaced of the Boston proposal gone supposedly awry, someone uploaded a brief video claiming to show the couple arguing as the cameraman awkwardly looks away.Guests can get help securing Boston Red Sox tickets from the friendly front desk staff before stopping by the Fenmore American Bistro for a hot meal.

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Located at 4 Yawkey Way, it has served as the home ballpark of the Boston Red Sox baseball club since it opened in 1912, and is the oldest Major League Baseball stadium currently in use.

Those at the stadium were quick to take to Twitter and speculate what could have happened between the pair, reported For The Win.

People at the game against the Chicago Cubs claim the crowd began chanting 'she said no' and the man was wearing a button that said it was his first time on the iconic grounds.

One user seemed to be familiar with the cost of arranging a proposal at Fenway and wrote that it costs around 0 to pop the question in front of thousands of people.

Most seemed astounded that she would turn down someone at the beloved stadium with someone declaring she will only say yes if her partner shells out the money to propose at Fenway.

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