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(Note: Below you will find a lot information about the Email from Google, but if you just want to know how to login, then you can just skip this whole thing and go straight to the sign in tutorial by scrolling down the page.) As I said before, offers 15 GB of free storage to every user just for creating an account, and that free storage capacity that you get after signing up will be available across Google Photos and Google Drive as well, which means that you won’t have to delete information to make extra space, because there’s enough already to mess around with.Thank your for testing and bug reporting Your GMail Backup Team Would it be reasonable to provide a (very raw) way for browsing backupped emails?I think the only important information for a raw browsing could be date, subject and attahcment name. Hi I recently used the latest version to back up an account dating back to 2005.The account overview stated there were 2,401 emails but at the end of the back up I noticed 5009 files backed up. A lot of gmail users have folders 4 gmail installed.This gives hierarchical folders instead of just labels.

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