Khufu ship carbon dating

This idea was the driving force behind the project.

A research plan was developed through an agreement between the EAO and the National Geographic Society to undertake the following steps: When the testing of the equipment was completed, site investigation was conducted during October 1987.

The 1984 results left us with too little data to conclude that the historical chronology of the Old Kingdom was in error by nearly 400 years, but we considered this at least a possibility. During 1995 samples were collected from the Dynasty 1 tombs at Saqqara to the Djoser pyramid, the Giza Pyramids, and a selection of Dynasty 5 and 6 and Middle Kingdom pyramids.

Alternatively, if our radiocarbon age estimations were in error for some reason, we had to assume that many other dates obtained from Egyptian materials were also suspect. Samples were also taken from our excavations at Giza where two largely intact bakeries were discovered in 1991.

The funerary boat would almost certainly be the sister of the boat that Egyptian archeologists discovered in 1954 12 feet away from the current site. el-Baz, who worked for six years in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Apollo program, was to use equipment designed for American space missions to penetrate the chamber without introducing extraneous elements into the 96-foot-long chamber, which is covered by limestone slabs ranging from four to six feet thick.

The first solar boat - some experts say it was used to take the soul along the Sun God's path across the heavens - was found in an underground chamber 25 feet from the southern face of the Great Pyramid of Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo. has already expressed interest in participating in the analysis of air samples,'' Dr. Preliminary ''nondestructive exploration'' of the site is scheduled to begin this week.

Also, during the Howard-Vyse expedition in 1836-7, relics were found within the Third Pyramid (Menkaure) consisting of human bones and parts of the lid of a wooden coffin.

But carbon 14 dating revealed that the bones were from the early Christian era and the lid was determined to be from the Saite Period [4]. Although iron cannot be carbon dated, the story of its discovery and testing is worth being reminded of here in view of the possible huge implications it might bear on the Pyramid Age. Hill found the plate embedded in a joint on the south face of the monument near or within the entrance of the so-called air-channel.

Scientists interviewed here and in the United States said they believed the air was trapped in a burial chamber that was also likely to house a more tangible treasure: the missing second ''solar boat'' built in about 2,600 B. by the ancient Egyptians to transport the soul of the Pharaoh Cheops to heaven.

During the same year the eastern pit was excavated from under a cap of 41 limestone blocks and found to contain a disassembled boat.

The disassembled boat was made of cedar wood 4,600 years ago.

The calibrated dates from the 1995 Old Kingdom pyramid samples tended to be 100 to 200 years older than the historical dates for the respective kings and about 200 years younger than our 1984 dates.

The number of dates from both 19 was only large enough to allow for statistical comparisons for the pyramids of Djoser, Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. First, there are significant discrepancies between 19 dates for Khufu and Khafre, but not for Djoser and Menkaure.

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