Mandating alternative fuels

From Health Impact Parents who are conscientious objectors to vaccination,...11/21/2015 - Wait! If you make an entire country practically a "gun-free" zone, then naturally gun violence and crime will disappear, right?That's what liberals believe, because everywhere they are in charge, one of the first things they like to do is to make everyone dependent on them – for their...9/30/2015 PM - As you've likely already read, Planned Parenthood (PP) has come under serious scrutiny after shocking undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress emerged, shedding light on the organization's involvement in selling baby body parts for profit. Deborah Nucatola, who oversees...5/17/2015 - Global biotech and agricultural giant Monsanto lent financial support to a West Australian farmer who was being sued by a neighbor over alleged cross-contamination of the latter's organic crops, company officials have said.) imposing membership requirements mandating that each participating nation legalize abortion on demand, to mention few of its initiatives.The Trump administration may be entangling itself in another ethical landmine.That the Brady Bill mandating a five-day cooling-off period prior to purchasing a firearm will have an negligible impact on curbing gun-related crimes should be apparent to any clear-minded individual excluding knee-jerk liberals and well-intentioned, muddled-headed individuals who sincerely believe that adding another gun law to the thousands of gun laws already on the books will, in some (uncertain) manner, act as a further deterrent to professional criminals who want to acquire a firearm.The EEC‘s Socialist Agenda has been constructed in a manner that seeks to eliminate (grassroots) autonomy altogether by gradually abolishing (national) social and cultural customs, imposing criminal sanctions against forms of behavior considered inappropriate or incompatible with standards of political correctness, superseding local political and legal authority with supranational (political) bodies and international courts, and (surprise!Yet, the IPCC’s cause (Michael Manns term) appears to trump all else.So, when the science doesnt support The Cause, the faithful turn toward discussions of how to craft a story which minimizes doubt about the IPCCs findings.

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While countries like Australia demonize other...10/14/2016 - You may not have noticed, but there are two kinds of countries in the world these days: Dictatorships led by authoritarians and democracies that are slowly being taken over by authoritarians. Organic & Healthy reports that the land Down Under has become the first nation...5/12/2016 - Australia is mulling over the construction of a gigantic nuclear waste storage facility in the southern part of the country, according to a Royal Commission report that was published this week.

Another possible ethical dilemma involves Chad Wolf.

The Times and Pro Publica investigation found that Wolf, the chief of staff at the Transportation Security Administration, spent the past several years lobbying the TSA to secure funding for a new screening device for carry-on luggage that could cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

But the world's largest economy (by some measures) is increasingly exporting garbage food products as well, including tainted berries that reportedly...1/16/2015 - It has come to our attention that one of the world's foremost voices on vaccine science is being targeted by one of the most aggressively hateful "skeptics" groups in the world. Sherri Tenpenny, a prominent educator and lecturer on the dangers of vaccines, was recently...1/15/2015 - On Christmas Eve in 2014, two-year-old Rumer Rose Maujean was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma cancer, a rare solid tumor disease that occurs mostly in children under five years of age.

Ever since the first Climategate e-mail release, the public has become increasingly aware that scientists are not unbiased.

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