Navy yard dating

Food-wise you’re sharing various takes on bruschetta and comforting bowls of pasta.If the date is going well, be sure to kiss and tell -- it’s tradition to broadcast your romantic conquests on the chalkboard walls of the unisex restrooms.Maple (address and info) Hidden twinkling light-strung patios should always cause a twinge in all the right places on date night, but there’s more to Maple than a charming outdoor area.After all, two marriage proposals have gone down there (that it knows of! The wine program provides liquid lubrication to get the conversation flowing, including three bottles of bubbly for under and an arsenal of fine picks from Italy.

There is also a proposed leg between Coney Island, Staten Island, and Manhattan, but that doesn’t have the go-ahead yet.WASHINGTON — It is easy to paraphrase “Field of Dreams” when referring to Nationals Park and its surrounding neighborhood, but “build it and they will come” isn’t necessarily the order in which the groundwork for the area’s explosive growth was laid.As the Washington Nationals kick off the 10th season at Nats Park, the neighborhood looks nothing like it did in 2008, and, by many measures, it has been the fastest-growing neighborhood in the District.Based on current projections from the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District, the neighborhood’s current population of 6,000 residents will double by the end of 2019.And the development has not been limited to residential. On the residential side, Capitol Riverfront’s apartment buildings currently include 3,800 apartments with another 2,300 new units in seven buildings currently under construction.

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