No dating for one year

It was the first time I felt oxytocin—that magical little brain chemical responsible for feelings of intimacy and bonding after sex—in all its glory and did not think I was in love. “I love oxytocin, but now I don’t have to think I’m falling in love every time! My decision to stop dating wasn’t rash, but it was necessary. “I worry that you’re shutting yourself off.” “But what if you meet someone?!

It doesn’t count if you’re bored.” Besides, it was incredibly eye opening. Turns out, love is a lot more complicated than brain chemistry.

basically challenges people to take a year off from dating and really pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ and get to know him on a more intimate level,” said Chris, who works for the fire department. But he did agree to watch the video series in which the pastor explains the challenge.“While I watched it, God was tugging on my heart, [saying], ‘Get to know me as your creator,’ ” Chris, 24, recalled. In fact, being unable to date enabled them to get to know one another on a deeper level without the pressures of romance.

Three months later, Caroline Dickson, a fellow member of Hibernia Baptist Church, started attending the same church college group to which Chris belonged. Chris’ “no dating” rule was no secret, but that didn’t stop either of them from considering it. Caroline fully supported his commitment to his personal journey with God.

A a self-professed band geek with braces and glasses, my M. I began trying these tactics ever so hesitantly on boys I thought were cute, which in high school meant any boy who looked in my direction for longer than five seconds.

Chris and Caroline said “I do” on May 9 at Hibernia Baptist Church.

Fittingly, the ceremony conveyed the importance of faith in their lives.“We really wanted to use the opportunity with everyone together to share our relationship and that Jesus is the most important,” Caroline said.

No matter what happens, the person you say it to will forever be part of your life.

He has only said those words to one girl, his ex, and after their relationship ended, he questioned whether it was her he really loved or just the idea of the 2 of them together (they had known each other since high school).

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