Private dating scan kent

After some investigating and crashing some other birth boards I found KMI in Kings Hill, Kent, which do it for £50 including a dvd and pictures!

Its also had lots of positive feedback and seems to be run by ladies which I think I prefer (sorry boys! Thanks ladies, well I've booked mine at KMI and the lady on the phone was really friendly.

Our intimate private service is provided as a compliment to your NHS ultrasound scans, allowing your pregnancy milestones to be captured in time forever.

Whether you need reassurance or just want to see your developing gem, our 2D, 3D and 4D scans caters to your needs within comfortable and secure surroundings, where our friendly staff are on hand to ensure you feel relaxed at all times.

Here is a link abit pricey but well worth it, also the man who dose the scan we very friendly. I ended up going for a private scan at a place in Portsmouth (£80) which is near where I work but I guess that may be a bit far for you.

There is no radiation exposure and the sound waves used are thought to be harmless.

A probe, coated with jelly, is placed on your skin, over the part of the body being examined.

Sam (35 6) I live in Sussex and recently looked into having a private scan.

Further Information: Gestational age is the time measured from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual cycle to the current date. The CRL is length of your baby (top of the head to the bottom).

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