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Get String("Grid View_Unhandled Even t", new object[] { this. I am using a Grid View to display a dataset with no binding to an SQLdatasource. There is a code snip posted on the net that is supposed to take care of that. d) I set Data Member="Default View" I am not sure what am I missing. I am binding to a custom datasource in the code behind.It gets into the "On Row Updating" event just fine, but there are no New Values or Old Values. I was doing databinding in my Page_Load event and when I clicked "Update" the Post Back was done, so was the Page_Load event fired.There are several ways to perform these operations, I am using the simplest approach.The project files are also attached with this article so please feel free to download them.

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In this article I will show you how you can use the Object Data Source with the Grid View control to do editing, updating, deleting and adding new records.

EDIT: I found a piece of code in the comments of this blog: I'm not sure for I haven't tried but the statement says you need to use the Data Source ID property in binding with the Grid View.

I might try that and see if you can assign an ID to a datasource and bind it in code behind.

My question: Is there any kind of workaround for this? Every time I access this I am getting the values from the New Values collection in both Old Values and New Values. Ok This is the settings: I use a Viewgrid with only itemtemplate colums for example. Row Deleted, Row Updated Method of DATA PRESENTATION CONTROL I want to display a message releated to that particualr record which was added, deleted or updated? I think.....gridview control in another gridview control Hi ia have a questioni have a gridview control which contains button in one my question is i need another gridview to be placed in the first gidviewso that when i click on the button the second gridview will populate the my question is how to place second gridview in first is there any approach like first grid itself acting as parent and child.please help me Hi sirikalavalapalli: I think nested gridview will help you. Delete in Grid View using On Click method not Refreshing Grid View Control Hi, I have added a Grid View control to my Personal Site and am using it to edit the content of the site, which I am storing in an MS Access database.

As far as i know the only way to get to those collection if via the use of data controls. I am fairly sure that the data is not being rebound prior to the updating event. The content is stored in a table called Site Content with 4 columns: Content Code, Content Line No, Content Element Type and Content Text.

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