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Steam only allows you to download games from Steam store.

Steam comes with its custom GNOME desktop environment. Although Steam Os is one of the best Linux Distro for gaming, it has some negative point.

It seems a Reboot is required to allow IE to work with the latest Java version. The behavior of applets changes significantly with update 51.

It's going to be a confusing couple of weeks for RIA developers.

It is based on Debian Linux and support Debian Packaging Tool APT.

slackware package updating 12 0-90

After double checking IE 11, I can see the Java Addons enabled and versioned to 7u51: I know IE has been improved; even so, we recommend to our customers to use Google Chrome or Firefox as these browsers have proven to be more compatible with our web applications.To see running process, on terminal run the command below Running by default, the top command displays output like this: There are some information in differents columns and horizontals lines showing summary about different system parameters, and following these are the processes and their attributes in columns.By default, top shows some attributes associated with processes and the type of information is represented in column.You can also use honeyd when investigating malware which I’ll discuss in a later tutorial.For this tutorial I will be using one Windows machine and one Linux machine, Backtrack distribution to be exact.

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