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In 1949 renowned inventor, gun designer, self-taught engineer, and entrepreneur Bill Ruger wished to produce and market a new handgun; and acquired a World War II Japanese Nambu pistol from a returning US Marine.Ruger successfully duplicated two Baby Nambu pistols in his garage.The Ruger Standard model is a firearm introduced in 1949 as the first product manufactured by Sturm, Ruger & Co., and was the founding member of a product line of .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge pistols.It was marketed as an inexpensive .22 caliber rimfire intended for casual sport and target shooting, and plinking. Ruger, the Standard model and its offspring went on to become the most accepted and successful .22 semi-automatic pistols ever Boge Quinn August 13th, 2003 We gets lots of questions about old Rugers.

Ruger’s new product was simply christened the “Standard” model.

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It is made in a number of variants including the Ranch Rifle with an integral scope base on the receiver, the Mini Thirty which is chambered for 7.62×39mm, and the AC-556, a select-fire assault rifle. Ruger, it incorporated numerous innovations and cost-saving engineering changes.

The Mini-14 rifle employs an investment cast, heat-treated receiver and is mechanically similar to the M1 Garand rifle, with a self-cleaning, fixed-piston gas system.

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