Updating platform sun4u boot archive

In this post I will try to present the procedure to load SVM module in such cases.

If we will boot Solaris OS in failsafe/CD/DVD/network mode, In that case, no Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) module will be loaded, and its impossible to work on mirrored OS on the installed OS without de-synchronizing the mirrors.

README.solaris $Id$ This document describes issues relating to compiling, installing and using net-snmp on Solaris. Refer to ORACLE's documentation on how to disable it.

If you disable its agent, you will need to re-create this functionality under net-snmp (eg. ORACLE's SNMP functionality is turned on by default and may be unnecessary if you aren't using ORACLE's Enterprise Manager.

Basically, read up on pkgadd(1m) and pkgtrans(1m) ! The long answer is that typically, web front ends are written to expose a subset of the features available in JET.

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Monitors and transitions, which I think have been mentioned on the alias before, are closely related.conf of ipmp nics if any one is having ans to the above quesions, ur answers are solicited. Log off now or risk your files being damaged # svc.startd: The system is coming down. svc.startd: 75 system services are now being stopped.tks regards Here's a transcript of my session updating the OBP on a V490 - please make sure you read the readme before you start becuase there are certain 'tweaks' for certain machines, and there are different patches containing different OBPs even for the same hardware so be sure you have the right OBP before you start otherwise you might brick your box. Sun Fire480README.142702-01 # cp flash-update-Sun Fire480 / # chmod 0755 /flash-update-Sun Fire480 # echo flash-update-Sun Fire480 /boot/solaris/filelist.ramdisk # bootadm update-archive updating /platform/sun4u/boot_archive # shutdown -y -i0 -g0 Shutdown started. updating /platform/sun4u/boot_archive Nov 15 in.mpathd[182]: missed sending 1 probes cur_time 5911910 snxt_time 5912818 snxt_basetime 5911994 umount: /u01 busy svc.startd: The system is down. done Program terminated ok boot disk0 /flash-update-Sun Fire480 Resetting ...If you will try to boot the box it will crash / panic and may corrupt your data too.I'll update this page everytime I find new information but still believe there should be a FAQ about SMF on one the pages from Open Solaris.

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