What episode of glee does finn and rachel start dating arguments against relative dating

Not to be confused with a Wham Episode, which completely changes the direction of a series.

This effect is usually caused by an episode being Something Completely Different or an Out-of-Genre Experience.

Blaine Anderson (husband)Unnamed daughter Burt Hummel (father)Unnamed mother✝Carole Hudson (step-mother)Finn Hudson (step-brother)✝Pam Anderson (mother-in-law)Cooper Anderson (brother-in-law)Rachel Berry (surrogate) Blaine Anderson (husband)Mercedes Jones (crusher, former)Finn Hudson (crush, ended)Brittany Pierce (beard, ended)Sam Evans (crush, ended)David Karofsky (crusher, ended)Chandler Kiehl (attraction, ended)Adam Crawford (ex-boyfriend)Cody Tolentino (kissed in alternate timeline, ended)Walter (date, ended) Rachel Berry Mercedes Jones Santana Lopez Finn Hudson Tina Cohen-Chang Sam Evans Will Schuester Sue Sylvester Noah Puckerman Elliott Gilbert Dani Mike Chang Quinn Fabray Brittany Pierce Emma Pillsbury April Rhodes Holly Holliday Isabelle Wright June Dolloway Sugar Motta Joe Hart Rory Flanagan Kitty Wilde Spencer Porter Ryder Lynn Jake Puckerman Mason Mc Carthy Madison Mc Carthy Roderick Meeks Jane Hayward Matt Rutherford Marley Rose I started ballet at the ripe old age of three.“He’s there for Liv and wants to protect her and make sure she’s not getting into trouble,” Trevino says.“She’s being so tough and a little bitchy at times towards him.If every episode is like this, a summary may mention that it's That Kind Of Show.Rarely, though, a Bizarro Episode may be redeemed if a skillful or cunning writer uses it to construct an Innocuously Important Episode.

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