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The first couple of months were pretty fun and exciting.But time has passed, I've gotten to know him better, and I've gotten to like him quite a bit., Are you feeling caught between your feelings for your man and the fear that he doesn't really intend to take your relationship all the way to "lifelong"?If you're experiencing this right now, I know how it feels - I was there many times in my life, and then for almost 6 months with the man who's now my brilliant husband.

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His face looked dour, and now that I was aware of the shift, I switched back into my feminine energy as fast as I could.I said goodbye to the music man, and returned to my car where I then received a text from my man: Maybe it’s just a coincidence, yet you will find which then increases your feminine vibe… How can a man sense the woman he desires is receiving another man’s masculine energy? I hope my Starbucks experience is testimony to how important it is to practice being in your feminine energy, and as Rori Raye says, “Get ready to be Surprised! If you need some help getting into your feminine energy, learning all the tools and secrets, consider a complimentary coaching session with me.Staying open and curious is such a magnificent way to operate in the world… Just as a friendly reminder to humanity, none of us are ever under any obligation to have sex with anyone -- not our spouse, our partner, the guy at the bar we just let buy us four rounds of Cosmos or the Tinder dude who's been there, done that. Trust me, the word "issues" will send him scrambling. Point is, just like you followed your lusting loins to a good ol' Tinder time with Jake, you can listen to your heart's cries for your ex. Tell him the truth: that while you had fun with round one, life since took a turn and you're dealing with some issues.

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