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"As captain in charge of operations, I received the order to prepare a raid on Kigali, to take it back. so by doing that, we were de facto helping out the Huthu government," Guillaume Ancel, a former Captain who took part in Operation Turquoise, the French-led military operation in Rwanda, told RFI."The order was cancelled at the very - and I insist - very last minute.Yet a lot of details regarding the military operations and the political decisions made at the time remain unknown to the public.It's still very unclear to this day, who did what, but more and more actors and witnesses are coming forward because they want the truth to be told. On the 30th of June, I was ordered to launch air strikes against Kagame's Tutsi forces...I am a man with determination, with law background.

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Rwanda rises from relatively flat plains in the east along the Tanzania border to steep mountains in the west along the continental divide between the Congo and Nile rivers.

From the continental divide, the land drops sharply to the shores of Lake Kivu, which forms most of Rwanda's border with Congo.

A range of high volcanoes forms Rwanda's northwest border.

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