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Location: 419 King Street West, Oshawa, ON Suite 180 (Oshawa Centre) Phone Number: 1-800-314-8533 Open: Monday to Thursday am-pm, Friday am-pm Location: 1355 Kingston Road Pickering, ON (Pickering Town Centre) Phone Number: (905) 683-7171 Open: Monday-Thursday: am to pm, Friday: am to pm Location: 605 Rossland Road East, Whitby, Ontario Phone Number: (905) 666-6241 Location: 181 Perry Street, Port Perry ON (2 Location:438 King Street West, Oshawa, ON Phone Number: 1(888) 530-6777 Website: Open: Every last Thursday of the month. Coffee Night in Oshawa begins at pm-pm (ALL WELCOME).

Location: Toronto ON Toll Free Phone Number: 1(800) 268-9688 Main Phone Number: 1(416)962-9688 Text: (647)694-4275 Website: [email protected]: Open Sunday to Friday (Closed on Saturday & major holidays) pm to pm Our City of Colours is a community based organization that aims to increase the visibility of, and address the issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people in a variety of linguistic and cultural communities.

We asked a number of nonprofit technology professionals with similar needs about the software that has worked for them, and combined their thoughts to create a list of solid tools that might in turn work for you. Software used to track membership tends to fall into one of two categories: standard membership systems, or Association Management Systems (AMS).

There’s no black and white distinction between the two, but “AMS” tends to imply a system with more support for offering a number of specific benefits to members.

Your organization serves a large group of members, and in exchange for their membership you offer a free subscription to your newsletter, special gifts, invitations to events and workshops, discounts on products and services, and more.

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In 2003, they teamed up to promote "The Greatest Vitamin in the World," which Grant reportedly formulated and Lapre marketed through infomercials and Web sites for about fou years.

Website: the main page for youth: Email: [email protected]: Every Tuesday Night from pm-pm (Free Pizza Dinner). Services include LGBT Durham Helpline, Community Contact Call-Out Program, Suicide Survivor Call-Out Program, Resource Centre, Suicide Survivor Support, Homicide Survivor Support, Adolescent Suicide Awareness and Community Training / Education.

Location: 306 Brock Street, North, Whitby, ON Phone Number: 1-(855) 87-PRIDE (77433) Website: Seven days a week from pm-pm.

For the majority of nonprofits it probably makes more sense to invest in one of the existing association management tools on the marketplace—there are many, and each offers a mix of features and customizations to fit your price range.

A third choice is the happy medium of customizing the features of an existing platform based on your budget and requirements.

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