Updating the constitution

Since November, there have been repeated attempts to get at President Donald Trump by criticizing his 10-year-old son.

In February, the president called the press the enemy of the people.

To submit a constitution to the Union you will need to contact the Deputy President (Clubs and Societies) unless you have used the template – remember that the constitution must have been ratified by the RCC before submitting it to the Union.

Our founding fathers would be amazed and disappointed that after 220 years, the inheritors of their Constitution had not tried to adapt the document to developments they couldn't have anticipated.

And we should start by looking at the Constitution, with the goal of holding a new Constitutional Convention. James Madison, George Washington, George Mason and Thomas Jefferson all insisted that the Constitution should be updated by future generations. The framers split authority concerning matters of war-making between the president (commander in chief) and Congress (declaring war).

Those sentiments were best expressed by Jefferson, who wrote to Madison that "no society can make a perpetual Constitution. Does anyone seriously believe that they would have approved of the executive department waging years-long wars without the explicit approval of the legislature?

It is expected that the Constitution will be presented as a paper which details any key changes, or explains any structures/procedures which may be considered unusual.Every amendment to the Constitution except the Twenty-First Amendment has been ratified by voting in state legislatures. those in favor of repealing the 18th Amendment, believed that the repeal amendment would fare better in state conventions than in the conservative-dominated state legislatures. While thousands of amendments have been discussed over the years, only 27 have been approved and six have been officially rejected. Constitution may be -- and has been -- amended, the Constitution itself spells out the only “official” methods.A photo of George Washington's personal copy of the Acts of the first Congress (1789), containing the U. Constitution and the proposed Bill of Rights, on June 12, 2012.(Alex Brandon / Associated Press) Our new political environment continually prompts the question “Is nothing sacred?

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